MckMama Gives Financial Advice

No, really.

Next Your Family Live! Webcast
April 21, 2010: Family Finances
Guests: Jill Savage; Jonni McCoy
2:00 – 3:00 p.m. (EDT)

Guests Jill Savage, Jennifer “McKMama” McKinney and Jonni McCoy will be sharing money-saving tips, and other ideas to help you spend more time focusing on your family and less time focused on the finances. How do you make ends meet at your house? Talk to us about your family, ask a question or pass along your favorite cost-cutting tips when you join us for Your Family Live!

It’s no secret that for many families, one of the biggest pressure points is the topic of family finances (or lack of them)! Many families find themselves with more month than money. But instead of getting stressed out about money, it’s time to study how to successfully steward it. Quit “charging it” and take charge of your family’s finances!

Tune in and learn how you, too, can foreclose on two homes and have one of the most expensive SUVs available repossessed, only to buy a more expensive home and another expensive SUV (and subsequent cars) a year later!

View the video of the webcast

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